So 2 of the most recent songs are up on both the UG profile (sig) and the myspace (also in sig) so if you guys would check it out, that would be awesome

Still lacking vocals But feel free to imagine them if it makes it more enjoyable for ya..

Other than that, I guess just let me know what you think.. and link me your music cuz I definitely like to check out other people's work.


2nd song rerecorded: I really like the transition from the muted notes to strumming...very cool. In a way it seems alot like what's out there but at the same time I hear lyrics that make it alot different...hard to tell until you get the vocals in there but as of now I have to say it's a very cool little piece (A guitar solo would actually fit in that pretty nicely in my opinion...).

1st Song rerecorded: Kind of a generic punk anthem but I do like the little riff that goes in around the two minute mark (the time isn't showing on the player so I don't know the exact time). Try working on different styles so that you don't stay within an area that 90% of teenagers are trying to mimic (I don't mean to be a bastard, I'm just saying it's usually a good idea to broaden your horizons even if that means coming right back to the same style in the end, at least you'll know what's out there).
yeah, i know they both have that punk/pop punk vibe to them.. and generally, that seems to be what i naturally come up with but i'm trying to workin on some more indie rock type stuff right now.. it's just not coming as easily thus far, but i know what you mean

thanks for the crit man

The drums in 2nd guitar recorded song are sweet and the guitar line is awesome too.

Man, this NEEDS vocals.

When the whole band kicks in things start to get a little muddled, too much going on I think.

The melody at like 1:12 is SCREAMING for harmonization. Perhaps 3rds?

The tone of the guitars is dry and boring too, I just don't like it.

The clean guitar part is really cool.

First recorded song is a little more boring I think. It's still pretty cool I guess, but really generic. And once again, I don't like the tone.

The lead part that comes in at around the 2 minute mark is sweet. With a smoother tone and perhaps some harmonization that would sound even better.

Crit mine?

The intro is pretty neat.

There's some serious attitude in this song.

The part that comes in at 25 secs or so is really cool, nice placement of rests.

I however think there should be a variation in tone for some the tracks, they all seem to be equally saturated. Maybe make the whole note track that I'm hearing a little less saturated.

The harmonies sounded great though, good work dude!

Crit mine?

well yeah, i know they need vocals for sure.. and you're the first person who didn't like the guitar tone so i'm not overly concerned there.. but thanks for the crit and you definitely make some good points