looking to pick up a chorus pedal to add to my board. wanna use to add some color to a bluesy sound, similar to andy timmons. also want to add it on my distortion channel to get some satriani tones.

basically i'm asking what chorus pedals do you guys use, and which one would fit my needs best.

i want quality ones, true bypass, nothing thats gonna kill my tone when not in use.

price limit $125, no problem with used gear.
well, small clone is a standard around here...i have one, but i havent tried many others...mine is okay though. Nothing groundbreaking, but does the job the occasional times i use it.

i dont know if its true bypass but i hear good things about the BOSS CE-5
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^It isn't true bypass, but it is a good pedal from what I've heard.
The TC Electronic chorus pedal has an amazing reputation, Eric Johnston uses one. May be a bit over budget, but if you want really high quality then you can't go wrong. Hunt ebay for a Boss CE-2, would probobly be cheaper, and is supposedly amazing. Small Clones are great, but in your budget theres much better to be had IMO.
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