Ok guys, you've never steered me wrong before. Some may have seen my other post about amp advice. Now I'm buying a guitar to go along with the new amp. I have it narrowed down to an Agile AL-3100, an Epi. LP standard plus, an Epi. LP custom. I'm also looking at two G-400s .

They are all within my price range, but just barely. The G-400s, I'm not too sure about, I haven't heard much about those two types specifically, especially the limited edition with the EMG pickups. I play all types of music but would like to be able to do some metal stuff in the future. Any advice would be great.
Epi. LP custom. The SG's are great too though. Man i wish i had as much money as you.
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Here's what I think I would do if I was in your situation:
Purchase amp
Purchase Agile
While waiting for Agile- go to Guitar Center and play Epiphones (on the same model amp you bought)
When Agile arrives try it out
If you like the Agile more than the Epis, keep it
If you like the Epis more, return the Agile with, from what I hear, their great customer service and return policy