OK, I've started to record with my new Tascam DP-01FX (8 track) but it only allows 2 thing to record simultaneously (sp?). ATherefore I was wondering how I would go about recording drums with 2 mics i.e. mic placement around the kit. I'd like to get it in as few tracks as possible because I'll need other tracks for other instruments.

Help much appreciated.

Oh, and if this question is already covered elsewhere, please direct me towards it and I'll close this thread.
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You can only record 2 tracks at a time? You mean it doesn't let you arm more than two tracks for recording? This must be a hard-disk recorder, right? Perhaps you should return that crap if you can't even record all 8 tracks at once.

But, if you don't want to take it back you have two options:

1) Record your drums with just two mics, but this is only possible if at least one is a condenser. Some configurations you could try are; hanging a stereo pair over the kit. One mic about 2 feet over the centre of the snare, and the other 2 feet away from the centre of the snare, but hanging over the drummer's shoulder. Or just one overhead and one kick drum mic.

2) Get a small mixer with at least 4 tracks and run the mics to that, then run the mixer's stereo outs to the recorder.
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You use a stereo mixer as Muphin described...

Your recorder is only used to get 1 stereo recording.
The main L n R outputs from the mixer go separately into the two channels of yer recorder to get the stereo recording.
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