Ok, so, I have this Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, and I read this in one of the reviews:

BUT this amp is always thought of as extremely loud. If you refer to the numbers on the master volume knob and compare "2" on this amp with "2" on another amp its loud. BUT if you then compare "9" 0n this amp with another you will see little or no difference..maybe even the other amp is louder. The reason for this is Fender put a LINEAR taper volume pot instead of a AUDIO taper. This makes it so 90% of the volume increase is within the first 10% of knob rotation.

I noticed it, but before reading the review, I thought it was just like that on all tube amps.

So now that I know whats going on...

1) How difficult is switching the volume pots?

2) How do you do it?

3) Is it worth it?

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Not very.
Get in there, desolder the old one, solder the new one.

It is also dangerous, since tube amps store lethal voltages even when unplugged. If you don't know how to safely drain the filter caps, pay someone else to do it. It is not worth risking your life over a <50 dollar job.
hey, on a half tangent, I know you are supposed to properly drain the tubes, but wouldn't the same thing happen if you just left the amp on after unplugging it? I have been curious about this without obviously wanting to try it because of the whole lethal voltage thing. Any thoughts?

*edit* don't try this just because I suggested it, I don't know what I'm talking about and don't want anyone to die.