i take bass lessons from this amazing guy who knows like all theory and writes all his own lessons and stuff and all the best guitarists take from him. i started taking from him in january 2006 and have been taking them every thursday since then. so im pretty good i guess. i know arpegios, pentatonic scales, and the modes. he taught me how to use them to make basslines and stuff. but now i dont know what else he can teach me. lately we have just been learning songs and stuff. but i want to learn something that can help me in the long run not just individual songs. what should i ask him to teach me?
I guess you could always do some freestyle work with him. See if maybe he could play the drums or get a drum track then help you come up with stuff on the fly, more like jamming? I don't know much theory, so someone else could probably help you more.
dude you might want to seek out a new teacher, in my opinion you cant learn everything from one guy.
Different scales and modes, more theory, techniques such as slapping, there's a **** load to learn, especially if pentatonic is the only scale you know
there comes a time were your teacher can't teach you any more, and its time to develop your style of playing. Time to fly young one.