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What songs would have on the playlist at your funeral

me i would have One by Metallica followed by Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
what about you.
If your happy and your know it, clap your hands. Then have the people who clapped thrown out.
I like to write, and support Chemistry For Improved Life.

Please, recommend me any bands or artists of any genre or medium. Paintings, poets, writers, books, paintings, songs, musicians.

Anything, anything at all. Please.
For the Love of God by Steve Vai performed live by a 60-piece orchestra.

Then have Nottingham Lace as the encore..
Mandatory gear list
Ibanez S470
Vox AD30VT
Vox V847

"There are people that I know won't hurt me. I call those people corpses."
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If your happy and your know it, clap your hands. Then have the people who clapped thrown out.

El Gearo:

Fender '69 Reissue Mustang
Fender American Standard P-Bass

Fender Blues Junior
Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
Fender Highway One Stratocaster
Seagull S6+Cedar
Yamaha Pacifica
Epiphone Valve Special
Boss OD-3
Boss DS-1
Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah
Can't decide between

When We Die - Bowling For Soup
Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance
Ride On - AC/DC
Schecter C-1 Artist
Vox AD15VT
Epiphone EJ-200 Acoustic
November Rain
Let's go back to five billion bpm and see how good i am.
for now ill jsut be careful not to die

and say highway to hell -acdc and um sth relaly beautiful master of puppets metallica and i dont want any rap near my funeral...or ill come back alive...and ill make every1 know dats gonna be a shame XD
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That made me laugh so hard. Especially picturing it at a funeral.

I might actually do that.
Ground Control to Major Tom by David Bowie
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just dont get it in your eyes and wear gloves
Megadeth - Go To Hell ftw!
Rob Schneider is... Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb! Rated PG-13.
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True that. True that.
Methinks you pwned the thread dude.

p.m. D. Rice to get number/ranking
Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue, and then a choice between Stairway To Heaven or Highway To Hell. If I become a born-again Christian, it's the former and if I carry on as I am, it's the latter.
“This was a manuscript of the night we couldn’t read.”
freebird lol...
Shecter C-1 Classic
Ibanez S2170 Prestige
Crate GT120
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Dunlop Cry Baby Original

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And i was all like, no dude show me your DICK
Swinging the Dead - DevilDriver

I cant think of anything else more thoroughly innapropriate or retarded.
People would be celebrating a my funeral, not because their happy I'm dead, but more because they want to celebrate my assing, so I think I would have...

"the Audience is listening" by steve vai performed live because it's so much better live.
I award gold stars to those who please me.
Welcome Home, by Coheed And Cambria.

Something I Can Never Have, by Nine Inch Nails.

You Know You're Right, by Nirvana

POSSIBLY "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" by Devildriver...what can I say, I like that song

Our hearts are with Nick Grundy.
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I think AvengedThrice is pretty cool guy, eh raeps kittens to death and doesn't afraid of anything.

He knows me well..
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Swinging the Dead - DevilDriver

I cant think of anything else more thoroughly innapropriate or retarded.

Yeah that would be awesome.
Or Atheist Anthem by Leftover Crack
Fiddler on the green, by Demons & Wizards. Or possibly Fly, by Blind Guardian.
Freebird for sure
And the Trooper!
"You've got to dance like nobody else is watching.
Dream like you will live forever.
Live like you're going to die tomorrow,
and love like it is never gonna hurt."
-- James Dean (1931-1955)

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This man has the right idea.

oh yeahhh
i can't decide between Nottingham Lace and Too Many Humans
Bought for a few pennies
Now you're all just empty
Fucking soulless machines

-All Shall Perish

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