I've never heard, played, or even touched a Peavey Windsor. I've heard some good things about them on here, though.

What range of sounds do they produce?
What other head could you compare them to?

Anyone have or know of a demo video/mp3?

Any info at all is greatly appreciated.
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Range from Over drive to distorted.

Modeled after the JCM 800, so you could compare it to that. I haven't tried the JCM800 yet, although I look forward to it after playing the windsor.

Check Youtube for a vid.
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Modded jcm 800. Not sure how similar the tones would be tbh, but for the price imo you cant go wrong!
it's supposed to be a hot rodded Marshall JCM800 like others have said, its like a JCM800 with more gain and less cleans.
I had one for a backup amp and it definitely sounds like a JCM800. Great value.
Its a great 1 channel amp but if you need channel switching mid-song, it may not be the amp for you. I found I can get about as heavy as early sounding Metallica with it at low volumes, but I never cranked it to see how it sounded loud. Its a damn good amp if its what you are looking for.
Basically it's a poor man's Marshall and it does all the Plexi and JCM800 tones one might want. It's a great amp.
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