can someone tell me the difference between distortion and overdrive, is overdrive like a boost for a solo?????
yeah what red strat said...

i dunno i guess distortion is more for metal and stuff

OD more for rock, blues and stuff?

flame me if im wrong

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Distortion is more "solid state", in that the signal is multiplied and literally becomes distorted through clipping, the same idea as getting distortion from your gain/volume knobs.

Overdrive is more "valve state", in that it pushes the valves over their threshold literally overdriving them giving you a similar sort of distortion you get from turning up your gain knob on a solid state.

This doesnt really make sense but I hope it helps anyway.

A distortion pedal is ideally suited on a Solid State amp, an overdrive pedal is ideally suited on a Valve State Amp.
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OD is used for lighter rock and a tube boost (hence tubescreamer). Distortion is used for a different sound and for a switch more between clean and distorted. Distortion is used alot more for crunchy and stuff, and overdrive is used for smoother stuff and a more classic rock sound.