Why is it so hard to use ?

Or am I retarded?

Anyways, I want to get text to wrap around an image
How do I achieve this ?
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i find psp kinda easy to use, but i dont know if text wrap is even possible. just use four different lines (if the wrap is square) cause theres like a 90 degree thing? that might work.
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You can make it wrap around a preset shape, I'm not sure what you mean by wrap around an image.

I'll try to explain how to make it wrap around a shape. Select the preset shapes tool and form your shape, obviously it will work better with a circle, or an elipse. Form your shape. Select the text tool. Put your cursor on the outside line of the shape you formed (it helps if you have your settings to use precise cursors). You should see the little text animation thing appear on your cursor. It looks like an A with a little curve underneath it. Click it and enter your text. Your text should snap to the outside edge of the shape. You will probably need to rotate it to where you want it. You can delete the shape and your text will remain curved. Hopefully my crappy explanation will be helpfull.

I have version 8.10, but I think it applies to all versions.
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