Hey everyone,

i recently got a valvetronix ad50vt, whilst purchasing this the guy at sound control me that i could still use my marshall jackhammer to give a bit of top boost for solos etc, this was sadly untrue

however i am not that bothered but i want to know if i will be able to use any other effects such as wah, volume and possibly distortion pedals with this amp i know that it has great effects but if i wanted to use some more specfic ones would that be possible

thanks alot

Volume and wah yes, distortion no. With the Jackhammer turn its gain all the way down and its volume or level all the way up. It should act as a boost then.
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wah should be no problem, as long as u dont use it w/ the auto-wah. volume should be fine, and ppl use distortions w/ similar line 6's, so try it.
not trying to derail your thread, do other effects work well (besides od/dist) on valvetronix? i might buy a delay and it's my amp
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