Hey. I want some new pickups to really make my epi LP pop. I want a classic rockins kinda sound. --AC/DC---Guns and roses--Led zeppelin---But still be able to play some metal like---Judas preist--metallica. Maybe some seymour duncans or something? Also I cant offord like $100 a pick up i need like $100 or les for a SET
i got a gibson dirty fingers in my bridge and a 496r in the neck and they sound great. but they are expensive
you're going to want to save more.
$100 for a pickup set will likely not get you very far
actually $100 probably won't even get you ONE very good pickup
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get some PAF-style pickups, obviously not Gibsons. DiMarzios should be good, maybe a PAF Pro and a PAF or a PAF Satriani. Very versatile pickups, good for the middy distortion and for scooped, powerful sounds.
Get some Bare Knuckle Nailbomb pickups.

God I love those pickups..
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What amp do you have?

Maybe get some of the lower output humbuckers from GFS?
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