Hey guys.

I'm having a little trouble writing some guitar. I have a lot of lyrics written out, but it's getting really hard for me to write some good post-hardcore guitar for it.

Like, whenever I try to write guitar, it's way too heavy and sounds like nu-metal ****, and when I get higher, it's really punky.

Any tips for me?
simplify what you're doing, then after you kinda like it, make it more complex with your style and stuff like that. i dunno something like that maybe
Tune to Db, play power chords and do some simple leads. Rly, it all kinda depends on your look on ur music. Try some stuff out, learn some theory, and get some ppl together to help u out w/ stuff. Its not easy being a one-man band.
honestly the best music comes completely randomly

maybe its just me, but i could never sit down and think of a riff

it comes to me randomly when im reading a book, or watching a movie or taking a dump... completely random is how best music comes in my opinion

and i know im not supposed to advertise but join my group! :-D
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I am kinda starting a band with 2 of my friends. One plays guitar, and one plays bass.
But, see.
Whenever I chill with my bassist we end up practicing a cover song like 4 times, and just chilling on her bed.
And my other guitar player is like, obsessed with punk.
But he's a sick guitar player.
I told him he's too good for punk.

I'll try what you said Lauster, if that dosen't work, I'll try gotsa's comment.

But we're trying for a sort of Escape the Fate kinda sound.
I'd stop banging your bassist ("chillen on her bed") and practice. Don't expect to make good music if you are making your first attempts to write.
um well try to improv to stuff you wouldnt normally do it too, or listen to music you wouldnt normally listen to. Lately Ive been listening to a lot of classical and final fantasy soundtracks. Odd, but it helps me think of riffs easier.