Welcome to the Be My Friend list. This is for everyone who wants more friend here. Now.. what you do is you say "Will you be my friend?". Also, It would probably help if you say a few things about yourself so others can decide if they want to add you (It takes too much time to look at 20 different profiles when choosing friends). When you have enough friends just edit your post to "I have enough friends now" and less people will add you.

Also, please before you post, add 1 person from the list of people wanting friends. This it is likely everyone will get some friends. (This doesn't apply if you are one of the first few people to post because you don't have much to chose from.

I should probably start the list with..

Will you be my friend?

And for the info about me..
I am 14yrs old, girl and have been playing guitar for about a a year. I practice about half and hour to an hour a day. Queen is my favorite band.
There's already a "Be my friend please " thread. Honestly, just make some posts in the forums, and some people will be like "hey, she's a cool cat, I think I'll add her as a friend." I don't want a bunch of "friends" that I never talk to and have no idea who they are.
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i want ug friends.
i love california.
i like carne asada burritos.
i love mustangs.
i used to play WoW (for the horde!)
i like cactus cooler

um add me if there's anything u agree with...