My tube amp has a hum on the clean channel...and as i turn the volume louder, the hum gets louder with it.

Do you guys think i need new pre amp tubes? what else could it be?
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what kind of amp. what kind of guitar. does it make the sound when on standby? how old are the tubes. are you near anything eletronoc?
any effects pedals? that could be the problem
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nope one channel ampeg amp. Theres is no standby on this amp, but it makes this sound (to a lesser extent but definitely still there while nothing is plugged in). The power tubes are brand new and biased, how ever the pre amp tubes came with the amp (which was used) so there probably at least a year old, if not more
i had the same problem, it was the preamp tubes.

also, try plugging into different outlets on different floors of your house
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