I have a 2002 Mexican Strat that I added a Seymour Duncan humbucker to in the bridge. I still have the original middle and neck pickups installed. I just ordered the Fedner 69 custom pickups which I am going to install in the middle and neck positions. While I have my guitar apart I want to change the pots becuase they have been scratching. I have 500K pots for both the humbucker and the single coils installed. While I was looking on eBay for pots I became confused as to what I need. I see 500K fender brand CTS audio pots and 500K fender brand split shaft pots. What do I need?

Thanks Guys
i got the CTS for my strat, work fine. basically, it doesnt really matter, theyre both 500k and they both have 3 legs. but i would reccomend the CTS when youre dealing with pickguard mounted controls. when its rear-mounted controls (like on a les paul) you should use the split shaft pots