For those of you who own the Bill Edwards Publishing Complete Fretboard Logic Box Set.... is it really worth $70? If not, then I would appreciate it if someone could help me find something better. I was looking for something to help me learn more theory, but don't have much to spend.
I don't know what the box set is, but I think you can buy the books for less then that. Just get I and II, many people say, and I agree, that vol. III isn't as good. But I and II are worth their weight in gold. Check Amazon etc.
I have FBL SE, so I got 1 and 2 together... and it's totally worth the like 20 bux or less I payed for the book...

But I'd say the boxed set is worth 70 bux and then some. You get all 3 books, and all 3 DVDs! I mean, quite a nice package.

Regardless, make sure to get your hands on FBL SE (or 1 and 2 seperate), because it will teach you everything you need to know in order to master fretboard mechanics. It will aid you in getting to your memorization of the fretboard a lot faster than by just rote alone.

I know that I know my fretboard a lot more now than I ever could have known it with rote ... though that isn't to say much about my skills currently, as I myself am just getting going really. So have fun if you do decide to get the book

You won't regret buying it .
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I had it on digital format if you want to take a look before you buy it. Just PM me.
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I had it on digital format if you want to take a look before you buy it. Just PM me.

It won't let me