I have a 60GB iPod Video in excellent condition. Adult owned. Screen is in awesome condition...never took the plastic off. Comes with hard case and usb cable. that it is has always been in. I lost the stock headphones so you are on your own there.

230 shipped. Email nremondelli@yahoo.com
honestly, you have better luck on ebay lol
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thats a great price, um payment method??
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Interested in trading for a Hellraiser + cash?
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How much music do you have on it?? And what kind?

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It is almost filled with music. Pretty eclectic. Has some Jazz but it is mostly filled with indie rock bands and some punk bands.
hey man.
i have a psp if you would want to trade.
it is in brand new condition.
no scratches or anything.
i can send pics of you are interested.