Hey! I'm new here. I was checking out the site and was amazed at everything! I do have a question, I know enough on a guitar to be dangerous. But I want to keep getting better, everyday I practice, I get better. But I feel I really could use some guitar exercises. Does anyone know any good ones? I know the basic major/minor chords, that's about it. I know how to read it and such, just need some help making it 'flow'.

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there are some great lessons and articles with exercises on the site. my recommendation is to learn the major and minor scales.

here's a link. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/scales/major_and_minor_pentatonic_scales.html

edit: just realized i gave you a link for scales and not an exersise. check the lessons columns for exercises. sorry bout that. i do reccomend learning scales though.
Yes, scales are important to learn; major, minor, pentatonic scales, all of that. Also, I found it helpful after learning the major and minor chords to learn diminished and augmented chords - and, if you want to go into the theory behind it, how all of these chords are made (why certain notes make up certain chords, etc.). Searching for that stuff on the front page of the site will yield a lot of results, and if you don't understand something, feel free to just ask in the forums.

This'll help you out with some basic theory...

And this helped me learn more about chords.

Most importantly, have fun with it.

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Start with the scales, especially get good at pentatonic and blues. These are used in many rock songs. Then, I recommend learning some songs incorporating 5th Chords, or Power Chords. Most rock songs and popular music incorporates this chord form. Start off with Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit. That's a great song to start with. Then, you should start to learn things like shifting. Bryan Adams-Run to You, is a great song to learn (the intro). Then, practice some runs so you can play the fast parts in solos. Lastly-- practice A LOT. I played my guitar at least 4-6 hours a day when I first started on guitar. I could play all of Freebird in 3 months (I am self taught, but I had played bass for a year or two). It'll come man, just practice.
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ehh i don't have a clue what the scale lesson is trying to teach....
do i need them?
i like metal.

i know the major chords and their minors.. stared 2 months ago, just play tabs atm
can play all of the intro to master of puppets (started 2 days ago on that )
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