Title says all! For me I'm hoping I don't have to work..but if I don't I'm waking up early and doing as much as a can to make it a good day.Discuss
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wild sex for a week straight

You can fit an entire week into your last day of summer vacation?
Gunpowder: FUCKING ROCKS!!!
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[witty set-up]
Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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Now I can say, with sufficient certainly, that you, Gunpowder...

I was gonna say wild sex but I just broke up with my girlfriend. (don't worry, I stopped myself from making a self-pity thread about it)
I'll probably just do some triple Cs and **** around at the mall with my friends. And then do more triple Cs before school the next day so I make a good impression on the new freshmen lol. Or get expelled. Which would suck, since it's senior year.
I've had Alzheimer's Disease for as long as I can remember.

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Pleasure2kill, you are a genius!
summers already over for me. My Fall semester started on tuesday.
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You can fit an entire week into your last day of summer vacation?

Thats not fair. You changed his quote
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Do You Know What I Am Saying?

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Thats Why towelie always says: Dont forget to bring a towel

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Honey Badger Dont Give a Shit.

I will waste them, then I'll be shocked when I realise its Tuesday already.
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And you're obviously here because you fancy Phill.
Phill is a very attractive guy...

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