Can anyone recommend me a good amp for just practicing(Size doesnt matter)? I use a boss metal zone mt-2 pedal by the way to boost the sustain and tones but I want a practice amp that can do me well with some sweet tones. I dont usually blast the amp when I practice and I dont wanna break the bank.
vox valvetronix. they come in a ton of different sizes.
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It depends what kind of music you play. And, How high is the budget?
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everything I play is guns n roses. Thats really all I play so I am looking for something that can gimme sound decent tone compared to slash.
yeah the vox ac series is very nice. quite a few built in effects, can go pretty loud, good tone
Cubes and Peavey Transtubes are ok. You can get a 5 watt tube combo for $200.