Is there like a special super powerful battery that you use or is it just a duracell..?
well, i don't have active pickups, but for my pedals, i find that the Energizer E2[squared] ones last a long ass time
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
duracell for pickups adapters for pedals

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I don't actually know... not any super ones, just normal. I think. I just put a random battery in, which I shouldn't really.
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I use Duracell in my stingray, but the pickup is passive. The preamp's active.
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Danelectro make a 9v battery thats like a vintage one for instruments and pedals, they claim it lasts longer because of the way it releases energy. Whether this is BS or not i dont know.
Pretty much anything but Dynocell.
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