It's probably just a quick song written by whoever was doing the demo. I can guarantee you that a MG won't sound like that, though.
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Of course it will with the correct settings. That was recorded using the MG. Used at low volumes and the right settings I'm sure you can get some decent tones out of it.
he wasn't asking about the MG... he wants to know what the song is on that demo sample, but i think its a generic demo song to demonstrate the amp.
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Of course it will with the correct settings and a professional standard studio with any number of effects and heavy EQing so you'll never get that sound out of it live.

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It was just written by whoever made the clips. Post in Tab Talk to get someone to tab it for you.
the tone is still horrible even with all that post production that is obvious on it..
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Yeah those clips have alot of effects and generall one should always take clips from a shop or manufacturer with a big pinch of salt.
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don't make me laugh, That sounds better than my bloody JCM2000! Actually the 2nd 1 does have a bit of the signiature marshall "muddieness"

Try typing in "the mg song" or "all mg" on any tab website or even better, why not just try to learn it by ear!?

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