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So you want to become a professional guitarist?

From my experience and doing lots of research, over 75% of people could become a professional guitarist, with a bit of motivation.

The start

So what you want to do is, check out ebay or any other guitar shop online (tends to be cheaper than retail stores), then find yourself a nice little guitar for about £60 ($120), I recommend an acoustic guitar. Buy it obviously. Then once you have it check out these links;


Depending on what type of music you’re into, you’ll want to play that certain style. I can only go from experience so, I am into punk and heavy metal so I learnt power chords when I first started playing. When you have picked up some chords, and know your way around the frets, and have learnt how to read tabular, simply go to a tab website and have a look around for songs you like, and try to learn them. Don’t forget to learn everything you see on every guitar related website,

Tab website;

Once you’re familar with a whole load of songs, maybe you can try writing your own music.

Practice makes perfect

Practice all the time! Every waking hour of the day, have that guitar in your hands. After a while your guitar will be so familar to you, it’ll be apart of you. Practice everything. Practice songs over and over again. This way you hopefully won’t mess up if your doing a live showcase or something like that. You should be practicing atleast a year before you even think about starting a band or playing a live show.

Make friends

You should be making friend with people who have the same goals as you. Go to local gigs, meet the band, have conversation with them, ask for tips. It’s all about who you know. It helps if you know someone in the music industry, if they know you well, they might think your worth the risk of time and money. Know other local bands, they might know someone who is the music industry.


I cannot stress how important this is. Make your myspace music page, upload some recordings, add loads of people. Get your music heard. Myspace is a godsend for countless independant artists. Use the most of the free features. You should then start to get a fan base, this will show people from the music industry that your music will sell. How do you think the Arctic Monkeys made it to the big time? They used myspace and made it work for them. A record company found there myspace page, seen there fan base, listened to there music and figured there music would sell. And oh boy did it sell, there no.1 hit I bet you look good on the dancefloor knocked the Sugababes from the no.1 spot in 2005.

Good luck!

-Tom Dean
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What level do you need to be,
and which skills do you need to have
to call yourself a professional guitarist?

Cause if you look at the Artic Monkey, they aren`t technicaly very professional, are they?
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good thread for begginers, to bad i didnt notice this whole site wen i 1st started playin, would hav been very helpful..
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Hey guys,

Tom, good article bro, and your site looks real cool as well. I agree with your points.

markieee, to call yourself a PROFESSIONAL, you need to simply be making money from your music in some capacity, whether its teaching, playing gigs, releasing records, or selling instructional products. Many musicians who are making money in the business (even some that make quite a bit of money) are nowhere NEAR virtuoso level as players, songwriters and musicians.

A lot of becoming a pro is all about has to do with your MINDSET, your determination, your understanding of how music industry works (and most importantly, how it DOESN'T work!) Musical skills are a part of the package of course, but not as important as who you are as a person, what goals you have, how you can convince companies to work with you and listen to you, how to add value to the lives of people who would be paying you money (for example for taking lessons with you, for buying your albums, for putting your band on tour etc...)

There is a lot more to this topic, but I would recommend that if your goals include becoming a professional musician to also spend some time reading up some things on music business and thinking about what you want to do with your music...

Tom Hess' articles are a real good start on this topic :

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have more questions.