I have a pc and the fuse keeps blowing from the power suply. When i replace the fuse it works again for about an hour and then blows again. Whats the problem?

I thought it was because i have quite alot of stuff hard drives, cd, dvd etc and i have quite a low power rating 250v i think, anyone got any suggestions?
are you sure its the computer?

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sounds like you need a more powerful power supply
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250V, is that your voltage that your stating? Because if it is that has nothing to do with power, the number that would interest you is the Wattage, that should be around 300W at a minimum I'm guessing. The other problem could be as simple as your not using a big enough fuse, need to check the current rating of your power supply.
Try a bigger fuse
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OK, I'm an electrician and a bit of a nerd so I'll give this a go.

firstly, where are you located (as I don't see anything in your location)? e.g are you from the USA? If so that's your problem right there, as US line voltage is 110v, and power supplies are universal and have a voltage selector switch. If you have it switched to 220, 240, or 250 then you will need to put it back to something around the 100v mark. Everything has a tolerance, normally +10% or -5%. If you're from somewhere in Europe or down under like me, then disregard this. I'm just going by what you said about '250v', unless you did mean wattage.

Another thing is, but I can't see how this is likely, how much power does your computer power supply put out? 200w? 300w? ...600w? If it's 300w or less then I recommend getting a better one anyway. However, if you load up your USB slots and are running a fan or two, as well as playing games (chewing power from the graphics card) and letting the computer get hot, not only are you going to have an output power loss, but your computer circuit is loaded and it's blown the fuse because of excessive current. But from experience this never happens, it normally just freezes your computer, resets it, or burns out the mother board. Another reason I don't think it's this is, my professional experience with fuses is they're slow blow. Meaning there has to be a large fault current for it to blow instantly, or a continuous fault current slightly above the rated current of the supply. It's worth a shot getting a bigger power supply anyway. More wattage = more current = bigger conductors = can take a bigger work load.

last but not least, something funny in your home wiring. Do you have light bulbs that often blow? or something else funny? Usually you can't notice it if your house has 16A breakers and appliances rated at over 5A each. But if there are circulating currents because of a bad bond or link of sorts in your house then there will be spikes and other odd things in your circuitry. This is a pretty distant reach this one, but it does happen.

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Try a bigger fuse

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sounds like you need a more powerful power supply

Seconded, its probably that overworked that it just keeps blowing because there isnt just enough power to go around, therefore gets very hot and blows

ALSO, try taking your PSU out and see if theres loads of dust (This happened to me too) I got an air pipe and blew the dust away and it worked after that.
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