Hey, i have a question... Do you know how to change pickups from standard "ring/frme or whatever is around pickup" andchange it to direct mounted? or do you know any links to tutorial about such thing? I'd be very happy if you'd help me,
Well i call it an old hunk'o'junk, but seriously it's an old polish guitaqr made by Mayones (almost like mayonaise) company. I can't figure out what model it is, or i'm not 100% sure about from what wood it is made...

I wanted to test my customizing skills and mount pickups directly../
what type of guitar is it? strat, tele, soloist ect =]
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Uhhh... Well i can compare it some how to dinky styled guitar. 22 frets, 2 humbackers, 25.% scale, strat-style trem.
Well... are there any tutorials for direct mounting pickups?
I don't think you really neec any tutorial. All you have to do is unscrew the rings so the pickup is free. Do what you want with the rings and springs, but KEEP THE SCREWS. Now, the problem with direct mount pickups is that you lose the ability to adjust the pickup height, so you might want to glue/ nail a piece of wood to the pody to keep the pickup at your desired height. Then stick the screws throught the holes on the brackets on the sides of the humbucker, then drill it into the body. The end,
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You'll have an easier go about it if you measure the distance between the top of the pickup and the bottom of the strings before you remove the pickup rings. Then with the pickup rings removed, push the pickup to the bottom of the cavity and measure the distance between the strings and pickup. This is how thick the wood shim will have to be to hold the pickup at the proper height.