I have a pretty big problem with my guitar. Yesterday, it was working fine, but today I turned on the amp but I couldn't get any sound out of it. First I thought that it might be my cable or my amp, but then I plugged in my acoustic guitar and it worked fine. Has this ever happened to anybody here? Any suggestions on what I should do?
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check your input jack?
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Turn up your volume knob, check the input jack, check the wiring inside.
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I had exactly the same problem with mine few months ago.It was a little metal wire or something that was unsoldered from the input jack.All you have to do is to resolder it on the jack.This kind of problem can happen when your jack becomes loose and when you twist it.So the wire twists and break, its not a major repair.
this happened with me before.... n it wasnt till after like 7 hours i realised that the volume knob on my guitar was on 0 :P
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