so i went to a guitar shop to buy some strings mine were all black and i asked them for some d'addario 12-54s and they told me they did'nt have them but i already was there a week ago and they didn't have them so i just bought a set of dean markley 12-54s not knowing that only the 2 e-strings were the same as the d'addarios and on the package it didn't say the g string is wound(!). so when i got home i realised all that but still put the strings on and then when i played all strings were buzzing like mad and the g string was damn hard to bend.
i just had my guitar set up for 12 54s and now it's buzzing llike sh*t! i'm not going to set my guitar for those strings now!! what do you think? i unfortunately didn't take the paper you get when you buy something(sry i'm from germany) but i think i'm going there tomorrow and tell them they should better give me some f****ing d'addarios for 2 dollars ! should i do that?

I am so pi**ed!
I guess the lesson here is never settle for less that you want, e.g. dont just buy something because they dont have what you want, go else where or buy online.

I doubt they will replace them or anything as you installed the strings and they are now used.

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its just strings, not that big of a deal. just tough it out until you can get some more
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