So I just ordered this 3rd hand capo that can capo individual strings, into open tunings. Does anybody have one, and if so can you give me some advice on how to use it more effectivley. It would be greatly appreciated.
I just can't figure out any posistions that it sounds good at, and its just really frustrating, i wish there was someone with expirence with this devil product
well is it finding cool positions? or getting the thing to work? for positions, try the normal alt tunings it would be good for open E it sounds like. problem being of course that it eats fretboard space. i dont know. sorry no help.
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I really can't see hte point in it, cause you can't use a slide with it as your slide would have to be the shape of the chord
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how are u using it?

i looked at the instruction site. seemed long winded but fairly straightforward.

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