I have no experience in amps whatsoever but I hear marshall is the amp to have. I mainly play guns and roses style type songs and want a tone in the style of slash. That thick and crunchy tone.

I decided that the low cost marshalls are garbage and I mine as well just buy something decent. So my question is what are some good marshall amps to look into to get a nice sound. I will not be gigging with the amp so size does not matter. I will only be using for practice because I am so sick of the cheesey tones I get with other amps. My budget would be $500
how about a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 201 Tube Amp because the size really doesnt matter to me. I dont play loud really. The 201 shouldnt affect the sound quality because it is smaller right?
there aren't very many non- solid state marshalls for under $500.
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yeah man, with your needs and budget a dsl is the way to go
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A DSL201 is a 20w version of the 40 watter so...
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check ebay, i've seen a few TSL602's go for about 450ish
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Do understand that life exists outside of planet Marshall. Buying a Marshall on the premise that it's "the amp to have" is basically the same thing as any high school boy buying a Hollister T-shirt just so he can fit in. Buy what works for you, regardless of what name comes on it.
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