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What should my band play for the talent show two guitarists rythem and lead bass and drummer and of course vocals any thing is good exept hardcore crap metal is fine but that is about as far as it go's thanks for the suggestions.
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metallica - orion

you didnt mention a vocalist so this sprung to mind

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First of all its "bass" not base, and second of all just write something yourself it should be more fun.
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sorry about the spelling of bass just a quick post ok i didn't thank people really cared about spelling but i was wrong
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sorry about the spelling of bass just a quick post ok i didn't thank people really cared about spelling but i was wrong

This r Pit. speling nazis r teh winnarz.
just play a pearl jam single.
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Dave Matthews Band. I guess they're talented, but I find that every one of their fans seems to be a big tool with a popped collar and backwards Polo hat.

Man Made God - In Flames
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Anything by FOB or P!ATD and you got yourself a win. Can't go wrong with that.

Of course, if you want to keep your dignity, play RHCP. Wait, you guys got a singer?
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Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
I say Hangar 18. Sounds very good with lots of solos here and there. I miss Megadeth with Marty.
Let's go back to five billion bpm and see how good i am.
Rhythm and Lead?

The Audience is listening by Steve Vai.
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Man Made God - In Flames

If you can get a 3rd guitarist to do the harmonies or just not bother with rhythm this would be awesome.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
How about Smells Like Teen Spirit. But only play it loud. Put the drums through a P.A. and get a couple of Marshall 450w stacks each. Also make the bass loud. That should do the trick as the crowd will be deafend and can't hear the other acts, but it means you have to go on first and wear earmuffs.
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how about Master of Puppers slightly abridged and with an improvised solo? or maybe Wolf is Loose by Mastodon if u have a good drummer. Maybe a Coheed and Cambria song if ur feeling ambitious. Do u even have a singer??
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Or if he can shred like crazy Metal Meltdown would also be good
I recommend a popular song like Twist and Shout or an easy and popular Nirvana song like SLTS or Heart Shaped Box (most of them would know it from Guitar Hero )

Yea, Painkiller probbaly won't get many votes.
But it's awesome.
If you wanna have fun and impress the smart kids, play good stuff like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Scorpions...

If you wanna win, play Green Day.

Lost In The Supermarket- The Clash
Circles- The Who
Canary In A Coalmine- The Police
Alternative Girlfrien-Barenaked Ladies
And Your Bird Can Sing- The Beatles
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no nirvana something more difficult then that but still a crowd pleaser but no poser songs something that they'll love as soon as they here it but dont know the words to it.
Trippin on a hole in a paper heart- STP, one of my fav solos.
It's a Long Way to the Top - AC/DC
Get a pedal to immitate the bagpipes and do a little electric guitar duet.
Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

You'd be a moron to play anything else
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More Than A Feeling

that's teh winner or do Holy Diver by Dio
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You could also play "Dust In The Wind"

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No way, you gotta do something by the Scorpions like that other guy said. Do No One Like You or Rock You Like A Hurricane and you're guaranteed a win. Plus, both of those songs utilize the lead and rhythm alot. The only hard part is making sure that the vocalist can actually hit all of Klaus's notes.
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Sorry but the patient sucks..........i said sorry no freebird you proly just figured out what that song was a couple weeks ago it doesn't suck just everyone plays it
If you play Pink Floyd you would win if you can produce a decent cover. But 100% of quality bands can not. Just go with some Nirvana
is anyone else noticing that the TS is just putting down everyone's suggestions...i think Killswitch Engage- "The Arms of Sorrow" would be a good choice if you're looking for something current...but if you're looking for a classic try some Journey
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