Sorry if it's the wrong forum... But:

Well, I'm looking for some new stuff to listen to and play. I really like Arch Enemy's instrumentals (Vox Stellarum, Time Capsule, Marching on a Dead End Road and so on), and I was wondering, are there any other bands with similar instrumentals? Easy or hard, doesn't matter as long as it sounds good.

Now help me expand my horizon!
check out some of the In FLames instrumentals. And the Mors Principium ESt instrumentals might be even more similar to the Arch Enemy ones.
here are some songs : MPE(mors principium est)- Lost Beyond Retrieval, Forgotten and oblivion.
don't think I need to name any In Flames instrumentals because u'll find at least 1 in each of the old albums, anyway the MOE instrumentals are more like Arch Enemy's. you might also like Dark Tranquillity- Mine is the grandeur...