I've got a bit of cash from the 'rents for doing well in my GCSE's and I was considering finally getting another (good) wah pedal.

However I've heard they don't react too well to fuzz pedals, which would be a problem for my as I use fuzz all the time.

I was looking at the Dunlop 535Q and I use a ZVEX Fuzz Factory and EHX Big Muff

will the wah be useable with these fuzzes? If not is there anything I can do?
build a buffer


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You could either buy a wah such as a Teese RMC which has an output buffer installed in it already, you could mod a buffer into a wah like a Crybaby, or you could use your fuzz pedals before your wah in the chain. I'd suggest option one or two, cos I like fuzz after wah.

If you're interested in modding, come on over to the Wah Modding Thread in GB&C and we can help you with that. It's tons of fun.

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yep. u need to build a buffer inside.

an output buffer.
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I'm useless with electronics and such so I don't intend on building a buffer - I ruined one pedal in the past trying to mod it, I don't wish to try it again.

Is this 'Teese RMC wah' actually any good?

EDIT: I've read on the official website that the RMC doesn't work well with humbuckers, which poses a major problem for me as I use them solely

any other good wahs which have buffers built in?
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^ They're some of the best wahs you can buy, yeah. Quite expensive, unfortunately.

You could build the buffer in a separate box, then there's no chance of ruining your pedal. It's a cheap thing to do, too, about three dollars worth of components, plus another fifteen or so for the enclosure, jacks, and switch.
^Again I'm not really interested in building my own stuff, I'm not great with electronics and I don't really have the necessary tools to go about it

any other ways around it?

or is a Teese RMC the only way to go about it
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^ As far as I know, it's the only mass-produced wah with an output buffer.

Remember that you could just run the fuzzes before the wah- some people do like that sound, but I dunno if you do.
^Well I used to have a GCB-95 Crybaby and I tried using this after my ZVEX Fuzz Factory and it still sounded pretty awful

however, I tried this combination with a Marshall MG30DFX, so is it going to be a completely different kettle of fish with a valve amp?