Check out my new song that I just recorded. I think that it is REALLY catchy, but you all are going to have to decide on that.

It's called Dream and its available on my UG profile.

Let me know what you think!

It's very pop but kind of rock...but not like pop rock...it's a very cool/different mix.
It is pretty catchy but its also kinda long and imo that sort of takes away from the song like it doesnt really go anywhere if you get what im saying.
Reviewing while I listen:

Cool opener. Very countryish with the lead guitar. Bass drums are overwhelming. Good vocals but probably a little too loud. Can edit that in the mixing program. Maybe add an effect to the vocal track. Simple delay or something to make it drag out would be cool (in my opinion).

Overall, Nice sounding rock song. Vocal track needs some mixing/editing/effect, but could sound real cool.

Give me a crit if you get a chance:Link