your clicky doesnt work... i think we need to join the hosting service...? can you upload the song to your profile? if so, i cant wait to check it out.

EDIT: hold on, i figured it out. damned file hosting websites. tricky bastards
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Your vocals are nice but i think maybe you could turn up the volume on the instruments a little more.
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although this isnt quite my vein of music, id say good job. the vocals are pretty good (better than me atleast).also, i would agree with ^^^ in that perhaps the instruments should be a bit louder. other than that, good job, and good luck with your future music sir.
ya the reason the music in the background doesn't sound good is because im singing over the song, it would be great if I could find the instrumental. With that I could just record my vocals and put it over the instrumental. Anyone know a good place to find instrumentals? so hard to find on the net. Also thanks for your input on my vocals I appreciate your comments.