Bassy for me...

Actually, 4 mid, 8 bass, 6 tre works perfect for me

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I hear only the mentally challenged use 4 mid, 8 bass, and 6 tre.

(I'm just joking.)
I like super trebly
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More bass, especially with distortion; damn metal kids hurt my ears with their tone.

(I say kids meaning ones with little experience playing)
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I don't know, depends on what genre, and whether its rhythm or lead.
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Bass for sure. Especially when sweeping, or doing legato licks, the bass frequency sounds far better.
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Tight bass, not loose bass.

Really helps when playing in D Standard as well.
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I havent got treble on my amp, ive got somthing called "Edge"

Heh, anyone else got "Edge"?
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Trebly for cleans and middly for dirty.
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You learn to love it when you start recording and laying down tracks, bassy tones don't cut it at all when it comes down to recording.