Hey fellas....

I was just wondering, does anyone else has a problem playing (especially sliding) on low E string? I find it that the string always slides off the fret and makes an awful noise.

Reason why I ask is because I think my guitar might not be well set up and I read that if it is badly set up then playing some strings maybe difficult. So I was wondering if it could be that or if its just my poor technique

Thanks for all the replies in advance

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I think it's your guitar...

I think it's his playing

just practice TS, everyone has trouble with that
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I am willing to admit that its my playing :P only playing for just over a month. Hope its my playing, no spare cash to fix my guitar right now....damn uni season
if you've only been playing a month it's likely your playing.. just practice.. I know when i had first started playing i did that a lot
Just remember to use the lightest possible touch ever... I played acoustic for a while and developed a heavy press with my finger. When I got my electric, I accidentally bent every string I tried to fret because I was pushing so hard.

It's a good thing to start early on
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