Its kind of sloppy, its the into to Stairway to Heaven, however you can look at it, I was refrering to the bolded 5 and 6 on the E and D, they look like they are played at the same time, just wondering how I play this.
throw away your pick

play the lower note with your thumb
index, middle and ring fingers to the G, B and E strings respectively

or you could hybrid pick it
pick the lower note with the pick and use your middle or ring finger to get the other note

but learn how to finger pick, its a great technique that opens a whole ton of options on what you can play on guitar
Yeppers, fingerpicking. It's a beautiful thing.
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either finger pick the notes (which for a song like that would be a lot easier) or hybrid pick it.. hit the '6' with your pick. and the '5' on the high e with your pinky or ring finger. infact when i first started playing this song is why i learned to finger pick.. there just some songs that are near impossible to play with a pick... well or just hard. i'd like to see somebody hybrid pick Closer To The Heart by Rush.