Hey there.

Personally, I think this is my best composition, although it's a little short and the bass, tragically, is a tad too low in the mix.

It's sort of an indie rock/post punk type deal with a dash of hip hop and funk thrown in there.

I'd like some feedback. It won't take long. I'll return the favor

You can listen to it a few different places:

My dmusic: http://solwara.dmusic.com
My profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Yertle/
My band profile: http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/birdhead/

The dmusic and band profile also show off the sweet logo I made.

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damn yertle, you got some groove
Onteresting song, the vocals are kinda choppy tough i think thay could have been mixed better, the guitar sounds great, the drums arent great quality but fit the song well, i like the guitar break almost before the song, i also like the way it ended, not many ppl today have the balls to end a song suddenly like that but it played out well
I loved this. The recording quality is excellent: as is the playing. Not much to fault there. The blending of different genres works really well and nothing seems out of place. I particularly liked the bass line. I think the mix is fine and I personally wouldn't change anything. The structure is really well thought out. The chorus is brilliant - it's my favourite part of the song. I think the layered vocals work really well with the feel of this section

There's not really anything to criticize! I think the vocals in the chorus maybe lack the energy of the other instruments in this section. Maybe that's what you wanted though. Apart from that, there wasn't anything that I would change. It's definitely one of the best songs I have heard on here.

Excellent work.

and thanks for the crit!

Its very cool and its def. something i would listen to regularly it has a very good feel to it.
Its very cool and its def. something i would listen to regularly it has a very good feel to it.