What kind of neck do you like on your guitar? just wondering

personally I like wider necks. I once played a fire bird in a store and loved it... and I despise V Neck's.

anybody else?
Wizard Necks, like Ibanez has one most of theirs.
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Really thin, like Ibanez GRX40's...which happens to be my guitar...ha

(shut up! it's a good guitar!)
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I like the wizard on my friend's RG550. The wizard II on my RG2EX1 ain't bad either.
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Jackson necks. The SLSMG neck is the best I've ever used. Just the right width and thickness for my tastes.
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I like a nice thick neck, like a gibson 50's style and i hate those skinny ibanez neck things.
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Ibanez Wizard II for shredding, i like my set neck on my ESP for riffy stuff though
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Jackson necks. The SLSMG neck is the best I've ever used. Just the right width and thickness for my tastes.

me too, not too thin like ibanez, not too thick like fender. the compound radius is nice too
fender modern c shape.
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I like the wide, thin and flat Ibanez Wizard Prestige necks. I have really big hands, so the board needs to be wide as well as thin for comfort.
The original wizard. The RG Wizard IIs aint bad but the S series Wizard IIS are just annoying.

I like classical necks too.
Gibson 60's Necks on 6 strings.

Ultra flat 7 string necks with a high radius are excellent too.
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I love the wizard neck on my ibanez s2075, but i think the best one i have played so far would be the neck on the JP Music Man guitar.
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Strats and teles. I love both my Cort's necks. One is tung-oiled, but sometimes it gets warped with weather. The other is a short scale with perfect neck, but it's got a gloss, so I got problems with most necks.
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I prefer thin necks, as well. I'm just more used to them.
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I think the most comfortable neck I've ever played was on a Jackson KVT2, it was so damn good to play. Shame about the metal bolts finish. The ESP DV8 also had an awesome neck, as does the ESP LTD V-500.
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