Ok guys, I don't think this has been covered anywhere else, so any help would be appreciated. I've had my Les Paul for a couple of years now, I like it a lot, never had any real problems with it. Untill now.

In the last couple of weeks I've broken two high e strings in quick succession, each one had been on their for only five days or so. I'm using 11s and I'm tuned to Eb, and I don't even use that top e very much, so they shouldn't be giving out like this.

On closer inspection it seems the strings are breaking right where they would sit on the saddles at the bridge, could wear and tear on that saddle have given it a sharp/rough edge that is wearing through my e strings? Or something else to do with the saddle? If so what could I do about it?

I'm at a loss. A set of strings would usually last me a couple of months. It's damned expensive to keep replacing them. Ideas?
yea same thing happened to me man. Sometimes when you get a factory guitar there might be a few imprefections in the bridge where the srting sits. take it to your local guitar shop (or do it yourself) and have them file out any imperfection in the bridge. Then your hi e strings will last longer again.
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