Ok I'm about to purchase my second guitar. I have about 600 to spend. I have narrowed it down to three choices but i'm looking for some input on which would be the best overall!

My three options are,

Epiphone Les Paul Custom (stock)

Agile AL-3100 (swap out pups maybe Jb/jazz combo)

Schecter Tempest Custom

Out of those 3 which is probably the best quality guitar for the money!

Thanx for the Input!
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I would go for the Agile or the Epi. I have an epi and switched out the pups and had it rewired, total was about $600. I absolutly love it.
What type of music do you play. If you play a wide range, I'd say the Epiphone, but for strictly metal, then the Schecter.

EDIT: On second thought, I'd go with the Epiphone, and MAYBE if you want swap out the pickups. Duncan designed pickups (like the ones on the Tempest) are lame.
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either the Tempest or the AL-3100, i don't think Epiphone is as good a value for the Customs
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
If I where to buy and epi lp should i go with the custom model? or is there a model thats not as expensive that i could swap the pups that would be better overall in the end then the stock custom?

i'm not a big fan of the Zakk lp...
I play a wider range Of music i play some lite stuff like rhcp and some blues but i will also play some metal thrash and some alternative!

i'm looking for more for strong versatility!
i was just saying zakks lp is a nice guitar even if you arnt a fan of his. its a great quality guitar,it has a nice warm lite tone sounds real good clean and even better distorted.
I really think you should find a GC to try them out, although you cant really try an agile, they are very nice, but i wouldnt buy a "new" guitar if i couldnt play it. i think you will like the epi, and i think you will like the tempest, they are both very nice. i like the tempest more because its not so cliche as a les paul. i probably sound like a hypocrite as i have 4 of them, but oh well.
I'd say go AL-3100 if you are going for the more traditional Les Paul look. The Epi costs quite a bit more and spec and probably sound wise isn't as good as the Agile. The stock pickups on it are good ones, but the duncans you are planning to throw in are even better.

Solid mahogany AL3000 with ebony fretboard+duncans > Mahogany/Alder Epi LP custom w/ rosewood fretboard and not so great pickups.
The tempest is nice cuz of the change but i just love the look of an alpine white les paul with gold hardware!

i have tried and epi lp (not custom) and i liked the feel! i will try tempest,

right now im playing a schecter gryphon which feels pretty good which is why im intrigued by tempest!

and the agile seems from what i hear to be a great value and if i could drop some pups in it to make really shine then i think that might be a good option!

its so tough to make up my mind haha (heads back to shop to try out more guitars)
try the agile first along with the epi ( the epiphone lp custom is just a standard with the custom looks, for about 100 more) agile makes a 3100 in the lp custom style, looks very nice, and plus it's the *real* lp custom type tone, with an ebony fretboard and solid mahogany apposed to the epi's alder/mahogany sandwich with a rosewood board... the agile you can return for a full refund if you don't like it, i love my schecter, but i found the tempest to be uncomfortable, you may love it, it all depends
I purchased the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Dec. 06. It was worth it, the only real problem I had with mine was the strap button getting stripped out. Great feel, nice sound and I enjoy the weight of it.
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It's been said, but if you can find an Agile, try one. You could get the 3100 and a set of pickups for the price of the Epi. Some also seem to adore them stock. Only thing that kept me from getting an Agile is that I don't want to buy a guitar without getting my hands on it first. Word of mouth is great, but well... you know.

Schecter's are some damn nice instruments, which since you have one I'm sure you already know. Had a C-1 Elite until about 2 weeks ago. Hurt to sell it, but it just wasn't what I wanted anymore. From what I can dig up, the Tempest and the Gryphon have the same pickups(same as the C-1 Elite as well), so I don't know that the Tempest would really be an upgrade stock.

I'd stay away from the Epi just because it's an alder/mahogany mix.

In the end though, try whatever you can. Pick your favorite then.
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save the extra 200 and get the epi zakk wylde lp.it is a great quality guitar.

horrible advice. don't listen to that. the zakk wylde epi is so big, and heavy, and thick it's just uncomfortable. the pickups are awful too. i wouldn't complain abotu the pickups if i found 'em in a $200 epi, but for $800, they're terrible. I'd go with the agile. quality instruments
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Yea the agile has been top on my list especially since i will have some extra to fine tune with things like pups and tuners etc...

it's just tough not being able to play it before hand!

i think i will play some epis and gibson lp's to get a good feel for them and make my decision from there! but im pretty sure i'm going to go with the agile!

any recommendation for a good pup combination that would give me anything form good metal/hardcore to good cleans. basically high quality versatile pickups!
ESP LTD EC-400/500 series, EMG's/Duncans and 24 frets on some.

All for around $600-650
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either the JB/'59(or jazz) combo, or the Custom/(the pearly gates is nice in the neck) and '59 by Seymour duncan

or the dimarzio tonezone(or super distortion)/Paf Pro in the neck

those are my favorite combos at least