so i'd like to mod my SD-1 to allow for true bypass, and im planning on buying a vox V847 wah in the near future and i would also like to mod that for true bypass.

how would i go about doing this? if somebody could direct me to a site that gives me some info on this id apreciate it.

thanks in advance
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Modding the Boss would definitely be a bugger. I'm not 100% sure on how to do it, but it involves blocking off the original switch, making space to fit a new one, and ripping out all the components related to the buffer/switching system. Which is hard.

The Vox, however, is a different story. You'll need to buy a DPDT switch, preferably a Carling 316-PP, and wire it up like this:

1 | 2
3 | 4
5 | 6

1 is connected to 6, and the input jack tip. 2 is connected to the effect's output. 3 is connected to the effect's input. 4 is connected to the output jack tip. 5 is grounded.