im having major difficulty with my bends
whenever i bend a string i hit the strings above it
for instance im bending a note on the high e
i will hit the b and g strings and sometimes even play it
no matter what i try i cant seem to get a good clean bend
to describe my bends i AM doing the following:

-bending my thumb over the neck to get a good gripped bend
-bending with my wrist

do i need to drop my wrist more?
it seems like im doing everything right
it just doesnt come out right

any help would be appreciated
thanks =]
I bend by keeping my wrist just the same as it is as if I'm still playing something else. Just use your fingers, not your wrist. Try to push upwards from the underside of the strings instead of on top of them too, that should help.
It's not the best solution, but maybe try to mute the strings you accidentally hit, even before you do the bend. You could do it with your right hand or your left.