Hey, I'm the bassist in my band Yoke of Iron, and we finally finished re-recording and mixing one of our best songs, Angel of Death. The link is in my sig, it's the first the song on there. It's really more of a Bass and Drum song with Rhythm Guitar. The lead vocalist did a beautiful job, and I know the back-up vocals in the verses are "iffy" (we're talking about getting a new back-up vocalist). I love the breakdown, we got bass triggers, or explosions, or whatever you call them in there, and I did the death-grunt cause our lead vocalist/screamer couldn't go that low and our back-up singer just sucks. I myself did the recording, mixing, and mastering in Adobe Audition. So tell me what you think of the song, sound quality, anything you got. Give me your honest opinion, don't hold anything back. Naturally if you crit mine I'll crit yours. Just give me a link. Thanks and much appreciation!
Judging by the name, i was hopeing that it would be more like angel of Death by Slayer...but it's not bad. I'm not into hardcore, but its still not bad. Just better pray that the hardcore Slayer fans don't rape you.
did you know that theres a famous slayer song of the same name?

EDIT: it dont bother me, just saying
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yeah you should consider changing the name. ive been to your bands myspace before, you posted something about a song here. i went and checked it out, you guys are pretty good.
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Ya I know Slayer did a song called Angel of Death, but our lead-singer didn't know and he wrote the lyrics. It didn't really bother us none. And are they called bass drops? I don't know, I've never heard an official name for them.
I think the guitar and bass and drummer should finde someone else to do vocal for them.. cos the vocals suck!! (sry my bad crits but they DO... )