Well, you could use AIM.
Or you could set up a network.
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i use either email or AIM
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Could compress the files and send it through Direct AIM.
Could Winrar it and upload it to rapidshare, then DL it to the other computer.
Set up a network and use the Shared Documents folder.
E-mail it as an attachment.
basically it'll depend on how many and the size of the files. For one or two really small files use either a memory stick, or send them via e-mail. If it's like several gigabytes worth, then you're better setting up a network between the two computers and sending them via that.


Get a Hub and two LAN cables and set up a network. You'd be able to transfer whatever you want from one computer to the other.
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If you have an external hard drive with universal read-write access, you could just use that.
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