now i know these threads are hated, and i dont have video to prove me playing. i've been playing for one year and i have learned songs such as Losfer Words, Mother Russia, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, all with their solo's (Iron Maiden) so i can ask u good people of UG how u think iam doing. I'm practicing my sweep picking but school is going to start time is going to be limited also i spent half a year learning these songs because i spent the first half, economy picking, chords, you know basics. thanks again! also i do know songs from Black Sabbath, QOTSA, but they are so easy i dont like to play them.
well if your as good as you sya you are, then yes your playing really well
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It isn't really how well you can play certain songs that says how good you are. Anyone, can over time learn a song perfectly, yet not be able to use those techniques anywhere else on the fretboard because they have never done it.

Those songs take talent, but can you improvise those techniques and take a riff and turn it into your own with some legato improvisation?

Anyone can learn how to do a certain pull-off at a certain place, or get the muscle memory to play a certain song. But the real level of talent comes through when a person improvises. If you can use all the techniques from those songs in improv, then you are a guitarist and not a robot set to reproduce specific songs.


Also, do you know any theory? What scales do you know? It's really hard to judge someone's talent by knowing what songs they can play through only.
"and i dont have video to prove me playing"

And that's exactly why they're hated -_-
When I first started to play, I thought I was playing Smells Like Teen Spirit perfectly. I was really happy with myself. I then posted an audio clip of it, and apparently, got flamed up the ass for it. Of course, I worked on everything that everyone said I was doing wrong, and eventually, got it down perfectly. If you can somehow provide an audio clip, you will get A LOT more accurate opinions, and A LOT more help. You may have problems that you don't even realize.

But yeah, I guess it's a really good thing that you spent half the year learning those techniques. Keep learning them. As for your actual playing goes, sorry, can't really develop an opinion without an audio clip :-\
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i know hardly any theory i study it when i get time and most of the time i wanna play. Scales i know 1 or 2, but i improvise a lot on mine with all the stuff i learned mostly Legato. I use this alot. I mean i gotta learn songs so my improvising can get better right? but i get what u mean, but i spendt alot of time learning these songs which i apply to my playing alot. Cause when i started playing i played Black Sabbath songs with QOTSA, my guitar playing stayed i mean was stuck the same. i fell into a rut, and i tired playing Iron Maiden songs. Beat my butt around but i got the hang of their music, and when i mess around on the guitar and improvise it just feels so much better then when i first started. i use songs as a anchor to help my playing