when it comes to songs like master of puppets, number of the beast, and other fast paced songs using power chords, I simply cannot play them up to speed while alternate picking...

I think I know why -- I simply cannot alternate pick unless the bottom of my hand (close to my wrist) is firmly anchored on part of the body of my guitar (usually the bridge or the side of the pickguard facing me)...

I feel uncomfortable doing it any other way, and I'm not sure if it's whats slowing me down -- I can go full speed with downstrokes on those types of songs...

hell, with alternate (or rather economy, I like it better :p) I can go MUCH faster, but only with single notes because my hand just wants to be anchored somewhere...

for example, I got through a lot of jordan when I first looked at it through alternate picking, and I didn't miss a beat. And I usually don't have any problems with alternate picking single strings.

I'm assuming it's more than bad technique to do so... will simply forcing myself not to anchor my hand stop this bad habit? I tend to cross pick a lot if I don't, and I lose a LOT of picking accuracy...

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well just for a start, master of puppets is all downpicked anyway, so downpicking that is certainly not a bad thing. in fact lots of artists downpick powerchords to get a heavier sound, its all about what sound you like. but with alternate picking i tend to just have my little finger resting on the pickguard rather than anchored down like you describe so that might be your problem. although then again slash plays with his right hand on the bridge so maybe not...
i think probably its just a matter of personal preference and practice
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