soo something happened, and i took some of you guys advice.

pretty much rewrote all the verses.
looks better to me. but i'll let you be the judge of that.

the visions are gone
but our memories still linger
lost in absent minded thoughts
we need to take a step backwards
take at look at what you've done
my worlds gone
all the scattered photos, just blown away

you bring me down
in ways i thought didnt exsist
why couldnt you wait for me
the pulse is fading, while vision slows
here i am, no? where the **** are you

whenever we're alone
i cant trust myself with you
not in all this misery
i wont waste my time with you.

the words,
slowly disappear
the memories,
quickly fade
images of you never got erased.

you left me in pieces
its a splitting image.
a photo ripped in half
just the way you left my heart
dig yourself a new grave.
another place to rest.
i used to play in this band, and one of the songs our guitarist wrote had a chorus that said "in this misery"
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