im going to a music shop soon and i got 2 guitars sort of sighted in....either the jackson dinky DKMGT or the DXMG

the DKMGT has emg 81's and 85's(want) and i really like the inlays
and the DXMG has emg-hz's and has a tremolo(want)

so im sorta stuck on the decision...i could bump up to the DKMG and get emg's 81-85 AND a tremolo but thats relaly getin up there in terms of price

any help with my delima would be nice
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any reason why?? but i am sorta leanin the dxmg way and then slowly upgrading into 81-85
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the hz's are horrible
just save up for the DKMG
you will regret it later if you dont